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Service standards

Our service standards provide our users with an indication of the level of service they can expect from us in a number of key areas. They are monitored, reviewed and reported regularly in order to improve the delivery of our services.

Library Helpdesks' Customer Charter

Our Library Helpdesks' Customer Charter is our commitment to users to deliver a quality service.

Local Standards: Help Services Section

Local standards set out the manner and timeliness of our service delivery and how we will learn from your feedback to improve our services.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

 Help Services Section

We set local Key Performance Indicators and service targets for achieving high levels of customer satisfaction, resolving enquiries at first point of contact and serving users in a timely manner, and for usage of key services.


Our success in achieving Key Performance Indicators and service targets in 2018/19 is shown below:

KPIs and Service Targets 2018/19
Target Target achieved Resolution rate
We aim to resolve 60% of your enquiries by email in 24 hours, and 90% within 7 days, referring any that need specialist knowledge to the most appropriate person and in a timely manner. ( New standard for '18-'19 due to new method of collecting data). No '18-'19 session;  resolved in 1 working day (49.5%), 90% of calls resolved in 8 days.
90% of material will be issued by self-service. Yes 94.6% of material was issued by self-service - (Aug'18-May'19)
90% of material will be discharged by self-service. Yes 93.1% of material was discharged by self-service - (Aug'18-May'19)
95% of material requested by disabled users within the Main Library will be available for collection within 5 hours, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. Yes 100% of requests were satisfied within these conditions - 31 out of 31 requests. 99 items were collected.
We aim to serve users within 5 minutes at service points, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.


  • Queue monitoring took place at hourly intervals on 26th-30th November  2018 & 25th-29th November 2019  at all service points.
  • All Sites met the target .


Feedback on users' responses in surveys help us to shape future service improvements.

Help Services Service Reports

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How to comment on, make suggestions or complain about Information Services and how we will respond in accordance with the University Complaints Handling Procedure.