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Information regarding the donation of materials to Library & University Collections.

Donating books to Edinburgh University Library: Update November 2021

We are not able to accept donated books for our General Collections [published post-1900] during the academic year 2021/22, ending on July 31 2022. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 situation, our library teams are only able to spend a limited amount of time working on campus, and we are prioritising work on digital collections in line with our agreed e-preference approach for 2021/22. As the Library Academic Support team continues to work from home, they are not able to receive or store printed book donations there, and there are no available spaces to store donations awaiting assessment at the Main Library or any other library sites. This situation will be reviewed for the academic year 2022/23 and further updates provided here.

Unsolicited donations

We cannot accept any donations that are left at the Library without prior arrangement. Please do not send donated books to us without approval, or leave them in the library or any other University location. As an alternative to donating to the Library; a number of charities and social enterprises welcome books for sale or redistribution, and we encourage you to make a difference by considering sending your books to them.

Special Collections donations

If you have collections of pre-1900 books, manuscripts, archives or objects that you wish to donate to Edinburgh University Library please contact the Centre for Research Collections.


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