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Collections support

How Academic Support Librarians make decisions about collections and how you can get support with library collections

How Academic Support Librarians make decisions about collections

  • We follow the Collections Management policy for University Collections, agreed by the University Senate
  • We work in consultation with the Academic Library Representatives from each School or College to ensure Schools and Colleges have the library materials they need
  • We work in partnership with College Library & Information Strategy Committees to ensure that library budgets are effectively and appropriately used

Get support with library collections 

What Academic Support Librarians do How you can get help
Support requests for new subscriptions or large digital resources Contact the Academic Support Librarian for your subject
Maintain an overview of book and resource recommendations for Schools Recommend library materials using the online form
Manage donations offered to the Library

Read the latest information about donations

Check and order missing books Contact the Helpdesk to notify the Library about a missing book