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SPSS license on Macs not being retained

Users may find at SPSS software on Macs does not recognise its license after entering the code.


Close SPSS and the license wizard and then try these steps :

1. Open the 'Terminal' application found in 'Utilities' within your 'Applications' folder.

2. With Terminal open, type the following line and push Enter (swapping in the version number of the SPSS you are installing, e.g. 25):   

cd /applications/IBM/SPSS/Statistics/25/   

3. Once done,  enter the following line and press Enter. For this line, please replace the LICENSECODEHERE part with the actual license number you have:  

sudo ./licenseactivator LICENSECODEHERE  

4. If you are asked for your password, you will need to type the password you use to login to your Mac (the letters you type won't show up on screen) and then press Enter again.

5. Please then reopen SPSS and check if it's working fine.

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