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Leaving University

Key information for those about to leave the University.

Please see the University's Account Expiry Policy for details of the expiry process for staff, student, applicant and visitor accounts, including the suspension grace periods at the end of each account.

You must make copies of all your important documents and emails before your account is suspended. After a short period of suspension, your account will be deleted and your files will not be recoverable.

Many University resources are only available to staff and students of the University of Edinburgh, so when you leave the University, your access to these resources will cease.

You will receive an e-mail notification 30 days before your account is suspended informing you of this change.


University libraries

  • Access to libraries continues until your School/department has stated you have 'completed' your course (no matter the 'valid until' date on your card).
  • To keep using the library after this point, please refer to the following webpage: Joining the Library
  • Nearing the end of your studies, any library books you have borrowed will be due back to the library on the last day of your course. Any outstanding library fines must be paid at least 21 days prior to your graduation ceremony.


IT services

Open-access computing areas

  • Once your computing account is suspended, you will no longer be able to log in to the open-access computers or access your M: drive remotely.
  • You must make copies of all your important documents before this happens. Files can be copied from your M: drive to USB pen or to another computer.
  • After your account has been suspended for a short period, your account will be deleted and your files will not be recoverable.
  • Note that your matriculation card will expire before your computing account, so it would be best to copy your files whilst you still have access to the computing labs.


You need to ensure that you have taken the appropriate steps to save the data from your University mailbox before your account is suspended.

  • Let your email contacts know of your new email address.
  • Save important email messages. You can forward individual messages to your new email address.
  • Alternatively, if you need to save entire mailboxes, you may be able to download them, and then import them into your mail program.
  • You may also wish to set up a filter to forward messages to your new email account. Please see the University's Policy on email addresses for ex-staff should this apply to you.


Alumni Services

Access to VPN, LapLAN, UNIX accounts, and most other computing services will also be withdrawn, except for WiFi, the Alumni Portal, MyCareerHub (the student and graduate employment hub) and PebblePad.

Alumni WiFi access

The Alumni Portal



If you used the PebblePad system as a student, you can now retain access to your PebblePad account beyond graduation (at no additional cost). Please refer to the “Access post graduation” section for more details:


University software

If you have installed any software on your home computer under the University licence (such as Microsoft Office, anti-virus software or the Cisco VPN Client), you will have to remove this software from your machine upon leaving the University.

If you have purchased educational versions of software for your home computer, you should read the license information for that software to determine whether you are allowed to use it after you leave University, and whether there are any restrictions on use. For example, some educational software licenses do not allow you to use the software commercially. In addition, some software is not licensed for export to certain countries, which may be an issue if you are planning to take your computer overseas after you leave the University.


Extending access to University services

Graduated students who need extended access to libraries, open-access computers, and departmental resources for ongoing research or other work may be able to get a Visitor account. Contact your department or research supervisor for more information about how to go about this.



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