IT and computing help

Before you attend

How to prepare ahead of your IT Support Desk session.

1. Back up your data

If possible, back up your data. If we need to format your device, you will lose any data which has not been backed up.

If your device won't start up, please bring a USB memory stick to allow us to attempt to back up your data for you.

2. Cables and peripherals

Bring the power cable cable for your device to avoid it running out of battery, and any other peripherals (e.g. cables, CDs etc.) that may be involved.

3. Attend by yourself and stay for duration

Since the actual physical space in IT Support Desk clinic is limited, please do not bring along friends if at all possible. Additionally, you are welcome to bring some work, but we cannot legally look after your laptop while you go somewhere else.

4. Please be patient

The IT Support Desk staff may need to attend to multiple users and devices at the same time, so please be patient for them to complete work on your issues.

Next step

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