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Replacing your card

There is a fee to replace lost, stolen or damaged cards. Expired cards are free to replace.

Getting a replacement

To get a replacement card, please visit one of our Card Help Desks. If your University card has expired, it will not be automatically replaced by Card Services.

Cost of replacement cards

In the case of faulty, worn and expired cards, the old card must be produced in order to receive a free replacement.

The £10 fee applies if you are unable to produce your old card at the time of replacement.

Faulty cards Free
Fair wear and tear Free
Expired cards Free
Lost, stolen, damaged £10

Upay money on card

If you need a replacement card and have money in your Upay account, please contact one of the Card Help Desks. When the new card is created the Upay balance will automatically transfer across.

Card Help Desks

Find out more

To learn more about replacing your card, please see:

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