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What is Wikisource?

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Wikisource, Wikipedia’s sister project, is a free human-curated online digital library. It hosts out-of-copyright & public domain texts, and also CC-Zero, CC-BY and CC-BY-SA licensed texts.

Getting Started

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How to start using Wikisource, including how to create an account.

What types of texts can be hosted on Wikisource?

Wikisource is a free content library of source texts, as well as translations of source texts in any language. Only certain types of texts are allowed to be hosted on Wikisource.

Adding a text to Wikisource

A guide to importing openly licensed books to Wikisource from free sources, like Internet Archive and the University's own open books repository.


Namespaces allow for pages on Wikisource to be categorised and organised, according to what they contain.

Proofreading a text

All OCR transcriptions must be proofread by human users to verify that the text on the scanned page matches the OCR-generated text.

Validating and transcluding a text

A text on wikisource must be proofread by two users for quality assurance before being moved to the mainspace (published).

Languages and translations

Wikisource is a multilingual project. Texts and translations of texts are welcome in all languages at the appropriate subdomains and at the general wiki.

Finishing touches

Once a book has been proofread, validated and transcluded, most of the work has been done. There are just a few finishing touches you need to do before the work is completed.

Searching Wikisource

One of the main benefits of hosting texts on Wikisource is the ability to search not just titles of texts, but also phrases and names within texts easily.

Using Wikisource with Library and University Collections

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The role that Wikisource can play in improving awareness of and engagement with collections within Library and University Collections is significant. Discover the ways in which the University can increase the reach of its collections nationally, and globally.

How to Create an Author Page on Wikisource

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Each person who has written one or more texts that are on Wikisource should have an author page created for them.

Use Cases

Some interesting projects using Wikisource.

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