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Exploring Wikipedia

Exploring the main page on Wikipedia.

Video: Exploring the Wikipedia main page
A brief outline of Wikipedia's main page.

Key information 

User page 

This is where you can describe yourself, your interests and editing interests to other Wikipedians. You can also signal to others that you are a new user on this page. Click here to set one up. 


This is a place where you can work on material before you are reading to publish it for everyone to see. Here are some training resources. 


This is your 'favourites' section on Wikipedia. It keeps track of articles that you are interested in. 


This edit button will take you to the Visual editor which is similar to a word processor. Clicking on this button will allow you edit articles on Wikipedia!

Edit source 

This is the older version of editing Wikipedia and uses Wiki-markup. 

Talk Pages 

Talk pages are where editors can discuss improvements to articles. See our Talk Pages site.

Further Resources

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