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Before you start

Key information before you start your Wikipedia journey.


You cannot publish a new article on Wikipedia until you have had your account for four days and made at least 10 edits. Until four days has passed, any new article you make will be placed in the 'Articles for Creation queue for review by another editor'. 

The amount of edits you have made are shown in the preferences menu. You can edit any existing articles during this time. 

Guidelines and Policies

Five pillars of Wikipedia: 

  1. It is an online encyclopaedia.  
  2. Written from a neutral point of view.
  3. Free content anyone can edit, use and distribute.
  4. Wikipedia editors should treat each other with respect and civility.
  5. No firm rules.

Be bold not reckless

You can edit any page but make sure you write neutrally, in your own words and back up what you write with citations from reliable, published secondary sources. See here for Wikipedia's guidance on their 'Manual of Style'.

This page also sets out what Wikipedia is not and gives further guidance on what should be included on the site.

Important Information

When creating a new page:

You should also make sure that anything you write is verifiable. This means that you should use reliable sources, such as publications and trusted news agencies, and avoid untrustworthy sources such as tabloid newspapers. 

When writing about a living person, you should take particular care over the content of your article and make sure you closely follow Wikipedia's three core content policies:

Further resources 

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