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Mapping the Scottish Reformation 

How Wikidata was used to create a database and map of the Scottish Reformation.

This project, started in 2017 by Michelle D. Brock (W&L University) and Chris R. Langley (Newman University), mapped the Scottish Reformation by tracing clerics across early modern and modern Scotland. Wikiata was used to generate a database of the Scottish clergy, 1560-1689. As a part of the project, information from manuscripts was uploaded to Wikidata, enabling these historical details to be accessed by anybody across the globe. 

Watch the video below to get to know Michelle and Chris and the exciting potential that their Mapping the Scottish Reformation project has. 

Video: Mapping the Scottish Reformation Interview with Chris Langley and Mikki Brock
Video interview with the co-directors of Mapping the Scottish Reformation. Discussing their project, Wikidata, and potential future directions for linked open data.

The project exemplifies how the humanities can utilise open databases to explore history and present insightful findings in a clear, visual manner. You can read more about Mapping the Scottish Reformation on the Mapping the Scottish Reformation website.


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