Wikimedian in Residence

Use Cases

Examples of Wikidata in action.

Projects incorporating Wikidata which have made international and national news and have inspired other research and collaborations.

Scottish Accused Witches

A project putting Scotland's accused witches on the map.

The Aberdeen Tower Block Archives

high rise tower blocks behind a blue sky with a concrete car park in the foreground.
Wikidata can be used to make bulk uploads of large datasets, like the Aberdeen Tower Block Archive, using the Quickstatements tool.

The Gene Wiki Project

Using Wikidata to document biomedical science information.

Mapping the Scottish Reformation 

Early modern map of scotland and edinburgh with database search tool on the right hand side.
How Wikidata was used to create a database and map of the Scottish Reformation.

Digitising Collections at the National Library of Wales

Photograph of national library of wales, blue skies with green grass foreground.
Using Wikidata to digitise library collections.

Other Use Cases

Post impressionist painting of houses with green grass garden and blue sky
Wikidata can be used in endless ways - find out about more projects using Wikidata.