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How to use Mix'n'match

This tool allows you to match an external data set to Wikidata items.


For large databases where there could be lots of potential matches, it is prudent to use the Mix'n'match tool to upload the catalogue and crowdsource the matching process prior to importing into Wikidata.

You can important your data into the Mix'n'match took using the Mix'n'match importer.

The following (tab-delimited,un-quoted) 4-5 columns are required in this order:

  1. Entry ID (your alphanumeric identifier; must be unique within the catalogue)
  2. Entry name (will also be used for the search in mix'n'match later)
  3. Entry description

Optionally, the following columns can be added in this order:

  1. Entry type (item identifier, e.g. “Q5”; recommended)
  2. Entry URL (if omitted, it will be constructed from the URL pattern and the entry ID. Either a URL pattern or a URL column are required)

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