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Thesis Hub: Producing your thesis or dissertation in Word

This online course uses LinkedIn Learning videos and lecture recordings to show you Word's features that are helpful when producing a long document such as a thesis or dissertation.

Thesis Hub: Producing your thesis in Word with style!

The course is divided into 6 sections:

  • Before you start writing - The University's thesis regulations; Planning your document; Tips for backing up your work.
  • Formatting your document - How to view non-printing characters; All about styles (applying, modifying and creating your own); The navigation pane; Numbered headings.
  • Page layout - Changing page margins; Headers, footers and page numbers; All about section breaks; Creating a landscape page within your document; Double-sided printing.
  • Adding content - Tables; Images; Captions; Track changes.
  • References - How to add footnotes and endnotes; Cross-references; Advice about citing references.
  • Bringing it all together - How to combine separate chapters into a single document; Inserting an automatic table of contents; Tables of figures and tables.

We have another self-enrol Learn course that may also be of interest: Choosing a reference manager.

Enrolling on the course

This is an online self-paced course, open to staff and students at the University of Edinburgh. To enrol, please follow these steps:

  1. Log-in to Learn at or through MyEd.
  2. Select Course Catalogue in the top right corner.
  3. The Search Catalogue options will load. Type“Thesis Hub” (no quotes) in the search catalogue section and select Go.
  4. Expand the options menu next to the zu_Thesis_Hub Course ID (you’ll need to hover over it to see the menu). Select Enrol
  5. The self-enrol overlay will load, providing further course information. Select Submit. An enrolment success screen will load, select OK to access the course.
  6. The next time you log-in to Learn the course will appear in your Current Courses list. Click on the course name (Thesis Hub: Producing your thesis or dissertation in Word) to access it.

If you experience any access issues, please contact the IS Helpline.

Producing a thesis or dissertation course Open Educational Resources

Although the online Learn course is only available to staff and students at the University of Edinburgh, the course videos are Open Educational Resources and can be found on Open.Ed: