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Online resources for writing your Dissertation or Thesis

A collection of online resources to help develop a number of digital skills in order to assist the writing process of a Dissertation or Thesis.

Your dissertation is an opportunity for you to fully explore a topic of your choice through extended planning and research. While dissertations vary in topic and format, you can develop a number of digital skills to help you manage your writing process. We have collated some useful resources below.    

Using Microsoft Word

A large number of students produce their dissertations using Microsoft Word. The list below includes online resources to help you unpack Word’s full potential, whatever your current level of expertise:

Thesis Hub: Producing your thesis or dissertation in Word (Self-enrol Learn course) 

Master Microsoft Word (LinkedIn Learning course)

Word Quick Tips (LinkedIn Learning course)

Reference Management

If you’re struggling with references, the following online resources offer additional advice on how to avoid plagiarism and guidance on using digital reference managers such as EndNote:

Choosing a reference manager (self-enrol Learn course)

Using EndNote Online to Manage your References  (workbook) 

Managing references with EndNote (flipped classroom webinar)

Referencing and Reference Management guidance

CiteThemRight by Macmillan (website) 

Statistics and Graphics

There are several pieces of software designed to help students incorporate statistics and graphics into their dissertations, each with a different purpose. If you’re looking for a place to start, take a look at the resources below:

Online Learning: Basic Visualisations using Excel

The power of infographics in research dissemination (The Open University)

SPSS for Academic Research (LinkedIn Learning)

Collecting, Analysing and Reporting Data

Finding the best way to present your data in a dissertation can be tricky. The following list of online resources provides a great place to start if you’re looking for additional guidance and support:

Introduction to Python (self-enrol Learn course)

Plan and Design Research Projects (webinar) 

Writing Technical Reports (LinkedIn Learning)

Research Data Management and Sharing (Coursera)

Researching and Writing

If you’re struggling with some of the less ‘digital’ aspects of the dissertation writing process, such as language and style, or drawing up a study plan, check out the following online resources to get you started:

Institute for Academic Development (IAD) Dissertations and Research Projects page 

Writing under a Deadline (LinkedIn Learning)

Writing in Plain English (LinkedIn Learning)