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Digital Skills Awareness course

The Digital Skills Awareness course is for students that are about to start university, and provides guidance on the foundation-level digital skills they will need for a successful learning experience at university.

About the course

The Digital Skills Awareness online course was developed for higher education institutions by The Bloomsbury Learning Exchange (BLE), the digital education partnership for the Bloomsbury institutions and the University of London, and tailored by The University of Edinburgh Digital Skills and Training team for local use.

The course outlines the key digital skills students need for their studies, and helps them identify the skills they have and the ones they need to acquire or improve. While the course doesn’t focus explicitly on developing digital skills, it provides valuable tips from a variety of sources including university staff and student support, as well as helpful resources and videos.

Course content

There are four topics:

  1.    General technologies (working with files, Microsoft Office applications, browsers and search engines)
  2.    Learning technologies (online learning environments, forums, assignments/assessments and video)
  3.    Access, sharing and safety (accounts/access, safety, social media and sharing)
  4.    Getting organised (notetaking, referencing and digital wellbeing)

Access the course

Enrolling on the course

This is an online self-paced Learn course. To enrol, please follow these steps:

  1.     Visit
  2.     Log in using your UUN and your Edinburgh University password. 
  3.     Click on Self-Enrol at the top right-hand side.
  4.     Click on the Browse Course Catalogue button within the Course Catalogue section.
  5.     In the Search Catalogue search box, type “digital skills awareness” and click Go.
  6.     Choose the course with course id 'zu_digital_skills_awareness'.
  7.     To enrol, click on the down-pointing arrow next to the course title and choose Enrol.
  8.     Click Submit followed by OK. You should now be able to view the course.  

Changes to enrolling on self-enrol Learn courses from 28 June 2022

With the introduction of Learn Ultra Base Navigation (UBN) on June 28, there will be changes to how self-enrol courses are accessed. Both types of courses will still be available after the upgrade to UBN, however, the way in which they are accessed will change. Please find instructions here:

How to enrol onto a self-enrol course after the upgrade on 28th June

Digital Skills for Starting Higher Education MOOC

In February 2022, The BLE launched a new Digital Skills for Starting Higher Education MOOC on the FutureLearn platform introducing prospective students to the important skills, systems, and core technologies for learning to help them succeed at university and Higher Education. Delivered over a three-week learning period, the course takes just a few hours each week to complete and covers similar content to the original online course including:

  • Week 1: The Learning Environment;
  • Week 2: Foundations of Digital Study;
  • Week 3: Digital Safety & Wellbeing.