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Staff Home and Remote Working Digital Skills Toolkit

A development toolkit for staff to develop the skills and knowledge to effectively use a range of remote working technologies.

This curated suite of digital skills training and resources is suitable for all staff and will help develop the skills and knowledge you need to use remote working technologies effectively. It can also be used as a general development pathway.

The toolkit is based on Jisc’s Developing Digital Capability model and the University’s Digital Skills Framework. It is divided into six modules to give structure and flexibility, and offers a variety of guidance and training. We recommend you use it on a pick-and-mix basis, identifying with your manager which areas are most relevant to your role and school.

The six modules are:

  1. Getting set up for remote working,
  2. Communicating by email,
  3. Holding and attending meetings and events,
  4. Sharing and collaborating on documents,
  5. Managing your teams and projects,
  6. Behaving safely and respectfully online.

Each module aligns with several digital skills competencies.

Learning outcomes

On completing the learning activities in the toolkit you will be able to:

  1. Get set up for remote working e.g. remotely connect to University computers or services, be aware of which device to use and take part in online meetings.
  2. Communicate by email using University mail systems including Microsoft Outlook.
  3. Hold and attend meetings and events using one or more of Blackboard Collaborate, Microsoft Teams and Zoom.
  4. Share and collaborate on documents using Office 365’s OneDrive and SharePoint.
  5. Manage your teams and projects online including using tips for successful virtual meetings, and supporting you and your team to work remotely.
  6. Behave safely and respectfully online including being wary of phishing scams, using anti-virus and the University VPN, and being mindful of digital safety and citizenship.

Toolkit uses

The toolkit can be used to:

  1. Support the longer term, sustainable use of home/remote working technologies by all staffEarlier this year, staff moved quickly to the home working environment and started using new digital tools. However, picking up a tool and using it as a quick fix can be very different to really embracing the possibilities it offers. Are you sure that you’re using technology in the best way to make things as easy as possible for you and to work as efficiently as you can? Are you definitely using the best tool for the task? Do you know about the capabilities of Teams for file sharing and deeper levels of collaboration or are you just using it to hold meetings? Are you really maximising the potential of digital? If not, use the toolkit to build on your foundations and develop your digital capabilities and confidence so that you use home/remote working technologies efficiently and sustainably, not just as a quick fix.
  2. Support staff returning from furlough who may not yet have worked from home.
  3. Support new staff, as part of induction and development planning, to understand and develop the skills they need for successful home/remote working.
  4. Give structure to digital skills development for all staff by providing a development pathway on which to build their capabilities.

Access the toolkit

Access the toolkit in Word or PDF format using the links below.

Staff Home and Remote Working Digital Skills Toolkit - PDF

Staff Home and Remote Working Digital Skills Toolkit - Word