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Digital skills development journey for undergraduates

A curated collection of digital skills development resources for undergraduate students throughout their degrees and beyond.

The Digital Skills Development Journey resources are designed to give undergraduate students an overview of the activities they can expect to perform at different stages of their studies, and highlight the resources that can help students develop the digital skills they require to successfully complete these activities. They have been updated for academic year 2020/2021 to incorporate student activities in a hybrid university.

There are five Journeys in total, one for each year of a standard undergraduate degree, and one to prepare students for employment. The Journeys for years 1-4 have been designed to be general enough to suit the requirements of most undergraduate degrees. The Employability Journey, compiled in collaboration with the University’s Careers Service, has been designed around the University of Edinburgh Graduate Attributes, and the top employability skills across a number of industries.

You can follow the Journeys chronologically, or pick and choose the resources most relevant to you.

All Journeys are aligned to the University's Digital Skills Framework, which underpins the digital skills development of all our staff and students.

How to use the Journeys

  • Click on a title below to open a Journey document.
  • Right-click on a resource title to open the link in a new tab. You will need your EASE login details to view some of the resources.
  • Watch, listen to, look at, read or do the activity.
  • Put your new skills into practice.

You can choose to download the Journeys to your device to access the resources at a time that suits you.

If you require any of the Journeys in an alternative format, please email:

1st year digital skills development journey (PDF)

2nd year digital skills development journey (PDF)

3rd year digital skills development journey (PDF)

4th year digital skills development journey (PDF)

Digital skills and employability journey (PDF)

LinkedIn Learning Undergraduate Journeys

We've also curated two learning paths containing some of the Linkedin Learning videos and courses found within the above journeys.

LinkedIn Learning is free to access by all Edinburgh University staff and students. To find out more about the service, please visit