Information Services

Programmes, courses, toolkits, playlists

Find out more about our digital skills programmes, training courses, toolkits and playlists as well as facilities including bookable training rooms.

Digital skills toolkits and badges

Curated resources for each of the six digital capabilities in the Digital Skills Framework, offering the flexibility to help you start developing your digital skills or take a deep dive into a particular topic.

Classroom-based courses and webinars

Our Digital Skills Programme consists of over 80 courses that are open to staff and students.

Development programmes

A wide range of digital skills development programmes are run for our staff and students by Information Services and providers across the wider University.

Tailored courses and presentations

Some of our courses and presentations can be tailored to suit the needs of your class, department or school.

Documents Catalogue

The Documents Catalogue is a repository of resources from our Digital Skills courses, webinars and development programmes.

Self-enrol Learn Courses

Our Learn courses are available for all staff and students at the University to enrol on, for self-paced learning on a range of digital skills topics.

Digital tools for learning and studying

Core digital tools that you are likely to use as a student for learning and other activities.

Student learning resources for developing digital and study skills

Comprehensive guide to resources, including training, LinkedIn Learning playlists and toolkits, that students can use to develop their digital and study skills.

Digital skills development journey for undergraduates

A curated collection of digital skills development resources for undergraduate students throughout their degrees and beyond.

Digital Skills Awareness course

The Digital Skills Awareness course is for students that are about to start university, and provides guidance on the foundation-level digital skills they will need for a successful learning experience at university.

Online resources for writing your Dissertation or Thesis

A collection of online resources to help develop digital skills for writing a dissertation or thesis.

Guidance for creating online training

Aimed at training providers, this section provides an overview of University-supported tools and services for creating online training.