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Learning with newsletters

Our newsletter will no longer be published and has been replaced with our Digital Skills Newsletter, but don't worry, it will still feature content. The aim of the 'Learning with at The University' newsletter was to keep you informed of the latest developments, new courses and videos, staff and student use cases, and anything related which we think you might find useful.

You can view past editions of the newsletter on your computer, mobile or tablet using the links below. An alternative version (downloadable MS Word file) is also available for each issue.

Past issues (opens with Adobe Spark online) Past issues - Alternative format (downloadable MS Word document)
Issue Six (November 2018) Issue Six (alternative format - November 2018)
Issue Five (August 2018) Issue Five (alternative format - August 2018)
Issue Four - Student employment skills special (June 2018) Issue Four - Student employment skills special (alternative format - June 2018)
Issue Three - Student exam revision special (April 2018) Issue Three - Student exam revision special (alternative format - April 2018)
Issue Two (March 2018) Issue Two (alternative format - March 2018)
Issue One (January 2018) Issue One (alternative format - January 2018)