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About the service

Information on the service including user entitlement, details of the service and potential uses within the University.

What is is on an online skills development service offering an extensive library of high quality video courses in digital, technology, creative and business skills. The University of Edinburgh has a three-year campus-wide licence, offering staff and students unlimited access to the service via the web and mobile apps.

This exciting new resource supports the strategic plans of the University and Information Services Group by transforming the way we offer digital skills training and increasing our capacity for digital skills development. It will make a key contribution to digital transformation, helping to develop a digital culture within the University and support staff and students to improve their skills for work, study and life. currently provides over 5,000 courses, with new ones added weekly. Courses provide in-depth subject detail and are made up of short videos, so you can learn an entire topic or program from start to finish, or just a specific task. They cater for all levels from beginner to expert.

Some example courses are:

Technology Creative Business skills
Office 2016 and Office 365 new features PhotoShop CC fundamentals  Monday productivity pointers
SharePoint online essential training Video gear weekly Social media marketing with Facebook and Twitter  
Digital citizenship Pixel playground Communication tips
Foundations of teaching with technology  Recording techniques Online marketing fundamentals
Developing with Python Shooting with the iPhone Project management

Entitlement is available for University staff and students. There are no current plans to enable access for visitors. 

Using to help develop your skills

You can use to:

  • Develop your technology, creative and business skills
  • Plan your development, and track your course history and recent activity
  • Bookmark your favourite courses, tutorials and specific points within videos
  • Earn certificates of course completion and attach them to your LinkedIn profile
  • Download content to watch offline
  • Sign up to receive alerts when new courses become available

Ideas for using within the University will open up many possibilities across a range of users, including:

Developing staff skills

  • Developing the digital skills and capabilities of our workforce, enabling staff to play an active role in digital transformation and keep up to date with new technology
  • Enhancing curricular teaching by supporting digital classroom technologies
  • Helping managers to support staff development and reviews by signposting a broad range of development opportunities for their staff
  • Encouraging career development by mapping online courses to professional development frameworks
  • Assisting in software and systems rollouts
  • Enabling learning and development professionals to provide resources across a wider subject range, offer an alternative to classroom-based delivery and provide immediate help to those on waiting lists
  • Reducing spend on external training courses by offering a just-in-time online alternative

Developing student skills

  • Enabling students to take ownership of their development
  • Developing digital skills and capabilities and keeping up to date with new technology
  • Developing professional and employability skills
  • Increasing the visibility of achievements by encouraging students to download course completion certificates or post them to their LinkedIn profile
  • Offering a wider range of learning opportunities to enhance the student experience

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Supplementing curricular teaching

  • Teaching both campus-based and distance students
  • Encouraging focussed learning by creating and assigning playlists to students that are relevant to your teaching and course programme
  • Teaching technical and presentation skills outside of the classroom
  • Flipping the classroom
  • As pre-work or an add-on to course reading lists
  • Linking from Learn to relevant courses in Lynda (integration coming soon)

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