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Guidance for students: Using online learning tools

As the University prepares to teach exclusively online from 23rd March 2020, there are many digital tools you may need to become more familiar with to ensure that you can study effectively in the coming weeks.

Blackboard Learn

As usual, the online resources for most courses will be centred in our virtual learning environments (VLEs), the online heart of teaching for your course. Our main VLEs are Blackboard Learn or Moodle, with the vast majority of courses using Learn. While you might be used to using Learn or Moodle, there may be elements of the virtual learning environment you have not come across yet. Now is a good time to explore the different features which you may be expected to use in the coming weeks.

Tips for using Learn

Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is a live, interactive online classroom space that you can access via your courses in Learn. Collaborate will likely be used by your lecturers and tutors to run online seminars and tutorials in the coming weeks. It allows tutors to host a virtual classroom, and for staff and students to present, discuss and debate topics. 

Collaborate is also available to students to run online meetings; for example, this is also a handy way to collaborate with your fellow students on group projects. Your tutor may create seminar groups for you as part of your course. However if you wish to set up your own group, or if the people in your group aren't all on the same course so don't have access to the same Collaborate space via Learn, you can do this by accessing Collaborate using the MyEd portal.

Tips for using Blackboard Collaborate

How to create and access a virtual meeting space as a student

Media Hopper Replay

Media Hopper Replay is the University’s lecture recording service that tutors use to publish lectures online for you to access. If it is not already used on your course, it will probably be used more as lectures move online.

User guides for students using Media Hopper Replay

Online services for digital skills development

We will all be learning and collaborating in new ways in the coming weeks, and technology will form the backbone of these activities. If you need to develop your digital skills to help you do this effectively, all students and staff have free access to the LinkedIn Learning online skills development service.

Find out more and set up your LinkedIn Learning account

Staying Safe While Studying Online

Digital safety and wellbeing are more important than ever with so much of our day-to-day activity moving online. Find resources and guidance on building digital resilience and preventing Coronavirus-related fraud, as well as digital self-care and video conferencing etiquette tips via the link below.

Staying Safe While Learning and Teaching Online