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#DigitalCitizen Awareness Campaign

On Safer Internet Day 2020, the Digital Skills and Training team launched our #DigitalCitizen campaign to raise awareness about digital safety and citizenship for students across campus.

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Our campaign aims to provide students with resources and guidance to weather digital safety-related concerns during their studies. The campaign also hopes to embed a sense of digital citizenship in our community that will continue to inform the ways in which students engage with technology once they leave the University. 

Through this campaign, students will glean a clearer understanding of the types of digital safety threats they might encounter, as well as how to troubleshoot these threats and how to support others who may be more vulnerable or who might have already been affected. In line with the University’s 2030 Strategy, we hope this campaign will help make the world a better place by instigating a behavioural and cultural shift that ensures all members of the University community feel safe and supported while engaging both online and off.  

Over the coming months, we’ll be running a series of events, workshops and focus groups aimed at improving understanding of digital safety and citizenship. Please watch this space for more information about the campaign and be sure to follow the Digital Skills and Training Twitter account for the latest updates on our campaign.


Digital Safety and Citizenship Blog

How does digital citizenship and safety impact us in our daily lives as members of the University of Edinburgh community? For thoughts and reflections on the subject, visit our Digital Safety and Citizenship blog, managed by the Digital Skills and Training Team’s Digital Safety Support Officer.

UoE Digital Safety and Citizenship Blog

Digital Skills Newsletter Special Issue on Digital Safety & Citizenship (March 2020)

As part of the Digital Skills and Training team's ongoing efforts to promote digital safety and citizenship across the University, Issue 7 of the Digital Skills Newsletter features six articles approaching the topic from a range of different perspectives. Find tips and resources for using technology responsibly, especially while working and studying remotely, in this special issue.

Digital Skills Newsletter Issue 7 - March 2020 

Campaign Update 28 April

Now that the University of Edinburgh has moved to an online model of learning and teaching, it is more important than ever to be mindful of how we safeguard ourselves and others online. Originally launched on 11 February 2020, Safer Internet Day, the #DigitalCitizen campaign aims to spread awareness about the responsible use of technology and to give students resources and support for troubleshooting digital safety concerns such as internet fraud, social engineering and online harassment. 

It's more important than ever to support one another online

In particular, the revamped #DigitalCitizen campaign emphasises the importance of digital wellbeing, offering guidance on how to build digital resilience and tips for digital self-care during the current Coronavirus pandemic. Given that online harassment and fraud are currently also on the rise as people spend more time on the internet, the campaign seeks to point members of the University of Edinburgh community towards digital tools and resources that will help keep them safe.

New highlights of our campaign include webpages on Staying Safe While Learning and Teaching Online and Digital Safety for New Students (linked below). We also urge all of our staff and students to revisit our March 2020 Digital Skills newsletter special issue on Digital Safety and Citizenship (linked below), which outlines some key digital safety considerations that will never go out of date.


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