Information Services

Digital creation

Designing, creating and editing digital artefacts and materials including writing, imaging, audio and video. Coding and designing apps, environments and interfaces.

PowerPoint 2013: Absolute Beginners

This material provides a basic introduction to PowerPoint 2013.

PowerPoint 2013: Beyond the Basics

This workbook covers features that will help add interest and excitement to your presentation.

LaTeX for Beginners

This workbook is an absolute beginners guide to writing documents in LaTeX using TeXworks. It assumes no prior knowledge of LaTeX, or any other computing language. It includes a chapter about inserting references in LaTeX documents.

Introduction to Computer Programming Using Fortran

Workbook covering the fundamentals of computer programming, control constructs and intrinsics, arrays, procedures, modules and derived types.

Introduction to Perl

This workbook contains Perl5 practical exercises.

Producing a thesis or dissertation using Word

This workbook covers how to format and present a thesis according to University guidelines, and describes best practice in handling a long document.

Word 2013: beyond the basics

This workbook introduces you to the tools you can use to format and customise your document, including styles, numbered headings, tables and images, section breaks, and tables of contents.

Thesis Hub: Producing your thesis or dissertation in Word

This online course uses LinkedIn Learning videos and lecture recordings to show you Word's features that are helpful when producing a long document such as a thesis or dissertation.

Python - online courses

Self-taught online courses for both beginner and intermediate users of Python.

Introduction to Programming

Self-taught online course in programming for beginners