Information Services

Digital Collaboration

Collaborating effectively and participating in digital study and work groups using shared digital tools and media. Producing shared materials.

Introduction to Collaborate

This reference guide provides an introduction to the features of Collaborate Ultra virtual classroom/meeting software from the perspectives of the participant and moderator roles.

Introduction to Wikis

This material introduces you to Confluence, the wiki used by the University of Edinburgh, and covers how a wiki can be used for collaborative work.

Introduction to SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is a mobile-friendly technology platform included in the University's Microsoft Office 365 offering. It is used for collaboration through intranet and communication sites, document and records management spaces, and workflow process automation.

CMVM How to Use Teams for Research Grant Submissions

This page contains two short guides to support setting up a new Team using Microsoft Office 365, and how new users might use a Team for collaborative working, as well as links to other material on Teams.