Information Services

Data literacy

Collating, managing, accessing and using digital data in spreadsheets and other media. Interpreting data by running queries, data analyses and reports. Using ethical and security guidelines when collecting and using data.

SAP BusinessObjects Introduction (Modern Launchpad)

This document is an introduction to the SAP BusinessObjects Modern Launchpad.

SAP BusinessObjects Advanced (Classic Launchpad)

This document is an introduction to editing and creating Web Intelligence documents in SAP BusinessObjects.

Excel: Intermediate

This course material is at intermediate level and is intended for those with previous knowledge and experience in using Microsoft Excel.

Analysing data using PivotTables in Excel 2010

This note describes how to use PivotTables to summarise and sort complex data, enabling you to see trends and patterns.

Using filters in Excel 2010

If you are working with a worksheet with a lot of data, it can be difficult to view and analyse it. This note describes how to use filters to control what you see.

Introduction to NVivo

This workbook is intended as a basic introduction to using NVivo qualitative data analysis software.

NVivo Beyond the Basics: Queries with Nodes

This workbook is aimed at researchers who already know how to do basic importing and coding of sources, and who would like to be able to run different types of queries.

Getting Started with Microsoft PowerShell

An introduction to the Microsoft PowerShell scripting language.

Unix 1: Introduction to Unix

This workbook covers how to create, copy, print and destroy files, and access files created by other people.

Unix 2: Enhancing your Unix Skills

This workbook expands on the topics covered in the Unix 1 course. It introduces many new commands for doing complex text manipulation, as well as simpler commands such as a spell-checker, word counter and calculator.

Unix 3: Shell Programming

This workbook is a practical introduction to the preparation of more sophisticated shell scripts in the Unix environment.