Information Services

Comments, suggestions and complaints

How to comment on, make suggestions or complain about Information Services and how we will respond in accordance with the University Complaints Handling Procedure.

Comments, suggestions and complaints

Information Services (IS) values your opinion and we encourage you to tell us what you think through your comments, suggestions and complaints. Complaints received will be handled in accordance with Frontline Resolution under the University Complaints Handling Procedure.

  • Make comments, positive or negative, about Information Services;
  • Make suggestions for change or improvement;
  • Make us aware of any problems or make a complaint.

This helps us resolve issues and improve the services we provide.

How to tell us what you think

There are three ways to make comments, suggestions and complaints.

1. Via the IS Helpline

IS Helpline

2. In person to member of Information Services staff, for example at the IS Helpdesk in a University of Edinburgh library.

Library locations

3. By using a feedback form. Complete a printed feedback form available at all University of Edinburgh library sites and post the form in the box provided, or hand it in at any IS Helpdesk. An online form is also available.

Feedback form

Feedback forms (including the online form) will be forwarded to most appropriate member of IS staff to deal with. By providing your name and contact details you will receive a reply in writing.

The outcome of any complaint will be communicated to you within 5 working days.

Taking your complaint further

Students and members of the public

If you are a student of the University of Edinburgh or a member of the public and if you are concerned that a complaint has not been resolved satisfactorily at the Frontline, you may make a Request for Complaint Investigation under the University Complaints Handling Procedure