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Replacement cards

If your University card or Library card has expired or is lost, stolen or damaged it can be replaced by a Card Help Desk.

We are currently unable to replace or produce any new cards. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are currently unable to be on site; so production of student cards has ceased. We are currently considering the most effective and safe ways of producing and delivering your new/replacement student card and we will update our website when we have further details.

Getting a replacement

To get a replacement card, please visit one of our Card Help Desks.

If your University card has expired it will not be automatically replaced by Card Services so please ask at a Card Help Desk.

If you have money on your Upay account and need a new card please visit a Card Help Desk.  They will issue a new card which will automatically override your old card.  There is a £10 charge to replace a lost, stolen or damaged card. By replacing your card all monies on your Upay account at that time will be automatically transferred over to your new card.

Cost of replacement cards

In the case of faulty, worn and expired cards, the old card must be produced in order to receive a free replacement.

The £10 fee applies if you are unable to produce your old card at the time of replacement.

Faulty cards Free
Fair wear and tear Free
Expired cards Free
Lost, stolen, damaged £10

Changes to your card photograph can be made where there is a fundamental change in your appearance or where your request is related to the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics.

Protected Characteristics

Please apply for a change of photograph in advance of attending a Card Help Desk where possible. Contact us via the IS Helpline.

Students returning to the University to start a new programme of study

If you have previously been a student at the University, your card will not be renewed automatically. Please visit one of the Card Help Desks to get your card produced.

The photo showing in the Student Personal Details channel in MyEd would be used to create your card. If you wish to have a new photograph, you will have to fill out an application form and submit a photograph at the Card Help Desk.

Continuing or returning visitors

Card Services are only able to print out a new or replacement card for Visitors with a valid end-date to their visit.

If it has been updated, then you must visit one of our Card Help Desks to ask for a new or replacement card.

Card Help Desks

Distance learners

If you are a Distance Learning student and need to replace a lost, stolen, damaged or expired card, please: