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The latest accessibility news from Information Services.

New standing desk provision

We are pleased to announce that in response to requests we have installed a standing height desk on the second floor of the Main Library. If you walk to the window facing George Square it is located at the third pillar in from the right corner or please feel free to ask a member of staff who will be able to direct you there.

Accessible study room survey winners

The names of three individuals have been selected at random from those who completed the accessible study room survey. Each individual will receive a £25 gift vouchers. The three winners have been emailed today so if you completed the survey then check your inbox to see if you have been lucky. The results of the survey are currently being analysed.

New screen reader software available

Information Services is pleased to announce that “Windows Eyes” is now available to all University users for free and can be downloaded from the applications catalogue by searching for "GW micro windows eyes" or by contacting the IS helpline on 0131 651 5151. Windows Eyes is a screen reader specifically designed for Microsoft products and includes 10 Eloquence voices as well as Nuance Vocalizer voices.

Updated accessible software USB sticks

From the week beginning 26th January new USB sticks of assistive technology will be available from all the site library helpdesks. These USB sticks replace the older versions and contain updated versions of free assistive software. All users can borrow these from the helpdesk for use in the library. Instructions on how to use the applications on the USBs and on how to download the applications on to your own USB stick are included as documents on the USB.

New Audio Notetaker Software

We are pleased to announce that we have new assistive software available. Audio Notetaker is software which makes writing notes from audio easier. The audio can be aligned with images or powerpoint slides. The use of keyboard shortcuts makes it easy to start and stop the audio while typing and a feature called “Pause mode” combined with variable speed enables the user to transcribe every word. It is also possible to import audio from videos."The software can be accessed from all University computers.

New Guidance on Prezi

New guidance on the use of Prezi has been added to the Information Services accessibility website. Prezi is often used as an alternative to PowerPoint as a way of giving presentations. There are concerns about the accessibility of Prezi but this guidance aims to help alert users to these concerns and gives suggestions on how to make Prezi presentations more accessible.

KB Centre accessible PC moved

The accessible computer which used to reside on level 3 of the Kings Buildings Centre has been moved to the first floor of the Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library. All hardware and software on this PC remains the same and it is still situated on a manual adjustable height desk. Staff in the library will be happy to show you its new location.

Accessible Study Rooms and Noise

Following on from responses given in the student survey on use of the accessible study rooms we have installed acoustic panels outside the rooms. This should block some of the noise from the areas outwith the rooms such as the group study pods being so audible in the accessible study rooms. All feedback on this issue is very welcome so please contact the IS Disability Information Officer.

Accessible study room survey- update

As promised following on from the survey results we have taken steps to act upon your comments and suggestions. This has included:

Accessible study room survey

Thank you to all students who completed the accessible study room survey. We will be using the results to look at potential ways of improving this service.