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The Lady Smith of Kelvin Veterinary Library

This is an overview of access facilities at The Lady Smith of Kelvin Veterinary Library and how we assist disabled users.


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To arrange individual adjustments such as study rooms and reduced cost printing students should contact the Disability and Learning Support Service as soon as possible. Their contact details can be found at the bottom of this webpage. None of the services mentioned in this document are instead of support you may receive from the Disability and Learning Support Service.

Access is from the main entrance to the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies Teaching Building. The library is located on the first floor. There is lift and stair access to this level. There is disabled parking located in the car park outside the main entrance door.

Helpdesk services

  • The helpdesk has a lowered section for wheelchairs and an induction loop installed
  • Coloured acetates, a portable desk lamp and an A4 page magnifier are available to borrow
  • All library documents are available in alternative formats upon request
  • A library trolley can be borrowed if you find it difficult to carry books
  • Extended borrowing is available for disabled students and is arranged via the Disability and Learning Support Service.
  • A book collection service is available and books can be sent to the Main Library if this location is more accessible for you
  • Induction tours can also be arranged
  • Staff will be happy to assist in whatever way you require such as helping with printers and photocopies to collecting books etc

Accessible toilets

There is an accessible toilet on the same floor of the library but not in the library itself. The toilet is right hand side transfer.

IT Services

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  • Mind mapping software and Texthelp Read and Write  is available on all computers
  • An ergonomic mouse mat and wrist support mouse mat are available to borrow.
  • There is a computer for priority use by disabled students on a electric height adjustable desk in tutoal room 1.46  with a scanner, ergonomic mouse and ergonomic keyboard. Software available on this machine includes ABBYY FineReader, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Digital Editions, Zoomtext, Texthelp Read and Write Gold amd Audio Notetaker.  

Furniture and study rooms

There is 1 accessible height desk and one standing height desk, library staff will be happy to show you where these are located.There are no rooms specifically for disabled students but disabled students may be eligible to use the accessible individual study rooms elsewhere in the University

Accessible Study Space

To arrange this students should contact the Disability and Learning Support Service and their details are given at the end of this leaflet. In the library there are also 5 individual study rooms available to all students which can be booked through the Veterinary Teaching Office or the Teaching Building Reception.

The adjustable height desk with the accessible PC is located by the tutorial room 1.46. The standing height desk is located by the window in the far corner of the library.

Fire evacuation

If you require assistance to evacuate in an emergency you should ensure you have a PEEP (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan). To arrange a PEEP for this building please contact your school for more information.

Useful contacts

The Lady Smith of Kelvin Veterinary Library

The Lady Smith of Kelvin Veterinary library website has information on opening hours and contact information.

Disability and Learning Support Service 

Will provide advice and support for disabled students and students with specific learning differences  (e.g. dyslexia).

Disability and Learning Support Service

  • The University of Edinburgh

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Disability and Learning Support Service
University of Edinburgh
Health & Wellbeing Centre
7 Bristo Square

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Alternative format

If you require this document in an alternative format, please contact Viki Galt, Head of Disability Information.

Viki Galt

Head of Disability Information

  • Information Services

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Argyle House
Floor F West
3 Lady Lawson Street

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BSL users can contact us via Contact  Scotland BSL, the on-line British Sign Language interpreting service. Find out more on the Contact Scotland BSL website.