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Disability Advisory Group

The Information Services Disability, Accessibility and Technology Advisory Group works to improve the accessibility of our services.

The Information Services Disability Advisory Group (ISDAG) was formed in September 2004 to consider how Information Services might improve the accessibility of our services. In 2017 the Information Services Disability Advisory Group and the Information Services Disability Computing Support Group combined to form DATAg (Disability, Accessibility and Technology Advisory Group)

This includes developing a plan of action for how this might be achieved. The group also advises on priority areas for action.

The remit of DATAg is:

  • To consider Disability and Accessibility issues of strategic and operational importance  to Information Services including physical estate issues, IT provision, information and guidance, and support services.

  • To help ensure that all services provided by Information Services are as accessible as possible to all users.

  • To consider and advise on the impact of changes in legislation, guidance and strategic planning

  • To advise and monitor progress on aspects of the University Equality and DiversityStrategy and Action Plan relating to Information Services

  • To liaise with relevant committees including but not exclusively, the Technology and Information Sub Group (TICS) , The Student Disability Committee, and the The Equality and Diversty  Support Groups Committee.

  • To liaise with other relevant stakeholders including but not exclusively the Student  Disability Service, Estates and Buildings,   Student Administration, timetabling etc.

  • To monitor and oversee the Exam support service for Registry exams for disabled students.

  • To monitor and oversee the Accessible Study room provision.

  • To consider accessible hardware and software provision for University users.

  • To monitor and oversee the Disability Computing Support Service for staff.

The group meets approximately four times a year and includes representatives from across the whole of Information Services.

Further information about this group is available from Viki Galt, the Information Services Disability Information Officer.

Viki Galt

Disability Information Officer

  • Information Services

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