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Requests for documentation as audio files are rare, but they can be time consuming.

It may be worthwhile first asking the individual if an electronic version of the document might be acceptable instead.

If not, short documents can be fairly quickly read and recorded using a microphone and recorder available from the IS Audio Visual and multimedia service.

Read and Write

For longer documents the software package Read and Write 11 which provides a text to speech option is available. The software is available on all the open access labs and on staff computers and creates an audio file which can then be saved on CD, USB or in another format.

User services staff will be happy to show you how to use Read and Write.


If you require further assistance, please contact Viki Galt, the Head of Disability Information.

Viki Galt

Head of Disability Information

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If you require this document in an alternative format please contact Viki Galt, Head of Disability Information, via the contact details provided above.