Information Services

Creating accessible materials

How to make documents, presentations and online materials accessible.

Introduction to alternative formats

General information on alternative formats and the alternative format tagline.

Large print and coloured paper

These are two of the most commonly requested alternative formats.

Word documents

A few simple steps to help make your Word documents more accessible.


How to create PDFs that are accessible to most users.

Braille documents

A guide for dealing with requests for documents in Braille.

Audio Files

Requests for documentation as audio files are rare, but they can be time consuming.


Advice and tips on how to make your emails accessible.

PowerPoint presentations

How to make your PowerPoint presentations accessible to disabled users.

Improving the Accessibility of PREZI

Information on how to improve the accessibility of PREZI.

Creating Accessible Exam Papers

Helpful and practical guidelines to assist in formatting exam papers to make them as accessible as possible for all users.

Creating Accessible Online Content for Websites, Wikis and Blogs

Guidance on creating accessible online content for websites, wikis and blogs.

Social Media Accessibility Guidance

A guide for ensuring Social Media content is accessible to most users.

Creating Accessible Courses in VLEs

General guidance on things to consider when creating your courses in a VLE to make sure they are as accessible as possible for disabled users.

Information screens

Useful guidance when producing content for computer information screens to ensure they are as accessible as possible.

Creating Accessible Handbooks

Information on how to create accessible course handbooks.