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Information on computing support for disabled staff.

What is it?

The service aims to support disabled staff in the workplace when required. The service is able to suggest various assistive software, hardware or standard IT solutions that might be of assistance.

A range of assistive technology can be borrowed by staff to ascertain usefulness before committing to a purchase.

This service works in conjunction with the

Staff Disability Advice Service and

Occupation Health Service

You can contact the staff disability advice service or contact us directly via the IS Helpline.

The Staff Disability Advice Service (SDAS) can provide advice and guidance to disabled including deaf, and neurodivergent colleagues as well as their line managers. Staff can contact the service to get advice on reasonable adjustments in the workplace or information about Access to Work. 

Examples of the type of support the service offers

  • Suggestions for screen settings
  • Demonstrations of a wide range of ergonomic mice and keyboards
  • Information about assistive software such as screen readers, dyslexia support packages and voice activated software
  • A laptop with voice recognition or magnification software which can be borrowed for short term loan by individuals
  • A pool of assistive hardware such as ergonomic mice which can be borrowed on short term loan by individuals.

Who is it for?

The service is open to all university staff who have, or consider that they have, a health condition or disability which the service could provide support for.

It should be noted that this service will only provide suggestions in regard to assistive hardware and software. For other adjustments, for example building access or furniture, you should contact the Staff Disability Advice Service or the Occupational Health Service.

How do I access it?

Your or your line manager can access the disability computing support service by emailing the IS Helpline


Will my information be treated in confidence?

All information will be treated in confidence.

We encourage you to contact your line manager to ensure that all IT adjustments are considered alongside other non IT adjustments.

If assistive computer hardware or software needs to be purchased, your line manager would need to facilitate this, however, we will not contact your line manager or other parties without your consent.

Please Note

These informal one-to-one sessions with Staff Disability Computing Support are not intended to replace statutory workstation assessments, advice from your local DSE Assessor or the Occupational Health Unit, or an assessment by Access to Work.

If you are experiencing a health problem that is affecting your work, we strongly recommend that you discuss this with your manager and also follow the advice given on the Health and Safety Department website:

Health and Safety Department website

You can also contact the Staff Disability Advice Service

OpenDyslexic Font

The University has installed Open Dyslexic Font on all University computers for staff.  OpenDyslexic is a range of fonts which can help improve readability for readers with dyslexia. Regular, bold, italic, and bold-italic styles are all available within the fonts.

To access this:

  • Click on the Microsoft icon (bottom left hand corner).
  • Type software centre into the search box.
  • Open software centre
  • Type dyslexic in the search box in the top right hand side of the screen.
  • OpenDyslexic font will appear in the results – click on install.

Once installed you will be able to access the font from the Word/Outlook/PowerPoint etc font options available when you open a document.

Further Information

For more general information on the service please contact Viki Galt, Head of Disability Information, Information Services, contact details below.

Request an alternative format

To request this document in an alternative format, such as large print or on coloured paper, please contact Viki Galt, the Head of Disability Information.

Viki Galt

Head of Disability Information

  • Information Services

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