Enterprise Architecture

Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse is a central repository of data for reports and dashboards that combine data from across the University and/or which show trends over time.

The Data Warehouse is a trusted source of information. You can rely on the data from the Warehouse to be accurate and consistent.  You can use the data from the Warehouse to write reports or create dashboards of strategic information without having to access each of the source systems.

A schematic diagram of the enterprise data warehouse

We define and maintain the data models for the Data Warehouse, and work in partnership with projects and services to bring data into the warehouse.

What information is available in the Data Warehouse

We are gradually adding data to the warehouse, project by project. 

As of May 2019, the warehouse contains  Estates Building data and Estates Maintenance Data, along with data from the Organisational Hierarchy.

Out next areas of work are HR and Finance. 

Gain access to the Data Warehouse

You can contact the Reporting and Analytics Service to gain access to the Data Warehouse. The team can also provide advice on how to use reporting and dasboard tools.

Contact the Reporting and Analytics Service