Enterprise Architecture

University data

The University's administrative systems store data about the University's estate, finances, courses, research, students, and staff, among other things. Learn how this data can be made available to authorised users for analysis and reporting.

Data stewards and golden copy data

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A golden copy is the authoritative source of a type of data, such as the student record. A data steward is the person who is responsible for looking after that data and reviewing requests for access.

Data Warehouse

The data warehouse is a large repository of trusted, accurate, and consistent data collected from various sources across the University. It is considered a hub in providing valuable insights for decision-making and strategic planning.

Data confidentiality and governance

The cycle of data governance
The University protects restricted and confidential data, giving access only to those people who need it.

University data model

Schema of the data futures data structure
In order to make sure data products such as reports and dashboards are comparable, it is necessary to agree terms and definitions. The university data model does that, and more.