Enterprise Architecture

Student Recruitment Enquiry Management

The Student Recruitment Enquiry Management service is in development. It will provide processes and an IT system for managing all enquiries from potential students.

What will the Student Recruitment Enquiry Management Service do?

This project, wich is currently underway, will create a specialist enquiry handling service, delivering responses for around 55% of prospective student enquiries.

This service will also:

  • provide triage support
  • coordinate responses for multiple service area enquiries
  • provide reporting both operationally and strategically
  • ensure quality assurance
  • manage the enquiry management system

Who to talk to / find out more

To find out more about this project, please contact Emma Rowson (Business Lead and Programme Manager, Service Excellence Programme).

Emma Rowson

Which systems will be used to support Student Recruitment Enquiry Management?

The project will procure an enquiry management tool which will meet the needs for prospective students and of adminstration staff.