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CRM Technology in Higher Education

The IT systems that underpin the relationship management services are called CRM systems. Many Higher Education (HE) institutions are now adopting Customer Relationship Management systems to attract, engage and communicate better with their stakeholders.

The term CRM originally stood for 'Customer Relationship Management' but modern systems can support many different types of stakeholders. 

UK HE CRM Network

The University of Edinburgh is a member of the UK HE CRM Network, which has over 200 members from 70 institutions who share knowledge and discuss the utilisation of CRM systems in HE through the online forum and at the annual conference.

UK HE CRM Network

Example implementations in other Universities

The University of Plymouth kept a blog during the implementation of their CRM system. This blog provides useful insight into the stages of a CRM implementation.

University of Plymouth CRM Project

Example CRM systems for HE

If you are interested, the links below show some CRM systems specific to HE, and how some ‘enterprise’ CRM vendors are tailoring their platforms to specifically support Relationship Management in HE:

Microsoft Dynamics solutions for Education

Salesforce Education Cloud

Student CRM