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Relationship Management (CRM)

See how we can help University services use Relationship Management (CRM) processes, technology and reports to improve their interactions with potential students, research partners, industry, local organisations, alumni, and others.

Disambiguation note: this page is about the support offered by the Enterprise Architecture section for services that use CRM processes, technology and reports.  For information about  the ISG Relationship Management section, which builds relationships between the University community and Information Services Group, please follow this link: IS Relationship Management section

Relationship Management (CRM) Services

Relationship Management describes the people, processes and IT systems used to support and report on the University's interactions with our stakeholders. 

The University has separate relationship management services to serve different stakeholder groups:

Industry Relationship Management (IRM) - providing processes and an IT platform for tracking the University's collaboration with a wide range of industrial partners.

Student Recruitment Enquiry Management - providing processes and an IT system for managing all enquiries from potential students.

Alumni Engagement - responsible for nurturing lifelong relationships with our worldwide alumni community.

Local services for Relationship Management - for organisational units that have relationship management requirements that don’t align with the centrally provided services.

CRM technology in Higher Education

The IT systems that underpin the relationship management services are called CRM systems.  Many higher education institutions are now adopting CRM systems to attract, engage and communicate better with their stakeholders.

CRM Technology in Higher Education

Planning a relationship management project

Our CRM Architect can provide advice on how to plan an effective relationship management project.

Planning for Relationship Management