Enterprise Architecture

How Enterprise Architecture can help you

We offer advice and analysis to help service owners, project teams, data stewards, analysts, developers and managers. We work with you to find and integrate the software applications and data that underpin the University's services.

Architectural modelling

Lecture recording target state
We have several design techniques that show how systems can work together to provide consistent information and an integrated user experience. We can use these techniques with project teams, to let stakeholders review a design before it is implemented.

Capability Modelling

Business capabilites for learning & teaching and for research, from the Higher Education Reference Model
We can use business capabilities from the global Higher Education Reference Model as a foundation for a range of business analysis techniques. This approach is especially useful for larger transformation initiatives.

Data modelling

A diagram showing the data model for Estates data
Data is central to most administration processes. The structure of this data needs to reflect the priorities of the organisation. We can help your project or service to model your data so that it fits with the wider University Data Model and with services such as the Data Warehouse.

Planning for Relationship Management

Gartner's Eight Building Blocks for CRM
Our CRM architect can help you to analyse the business processes and roles that will work for you, and can advise on the technical configuration, data models, and procurement options to support these processes.

Enterprise Architecture and your project

Diagram showing how Enterprise Architecture interacts with projects
Every project for the University's administrative IT systems should consider how it will fit into the University's overall IT strategy, and whether existing architecture building blocks (such as APIs, process maps, and the data warehouse) can help the project.

Service strategy

The hierarchy of service types.
To help you plan a strategy for your service, we can map dependencies on other services, link your service's data to other data sources, show the impact when technologies will reach their end of life, and identify opportunities created by new technologies.

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