Enterprise Architecture

Application integration

Discover how we work together with project teams to improve how the University's IT systems link to each other and how data flows between them, so that the systems provide a joined up service to our students and staff.

Examples of integration

Four coloured building blocks
There are several approaches that can be taken to integrate applications. We work with projects and services to choose a design that best fits each situation.

APIs and other connectors

An open bank vault door.
APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are the connection points that allow IT systems to link with each other when they need data immediately.

Integration platforms

Screenshot of the Talend data integration tool
Our integration platforms connect different IT systems together, specifying which functions will be called and which data will flow between them.

Integration design

Archimate model of the lecture recording target state
We work in partnership with project teams to design the most appropriate way to integrate applications and share data for their specific needs.

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