Enterprise Architecture
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The Enterprise Architecture (EA) service designs the overall framework for the University’s administrative Information Technology (IT) services and the components that underpin them.

Learn more about the benefits that EA can bring.

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We offer advice and analysis to help University service owners, project teams, data stewards, analysts, developers and managers.

We work with you to find and integrate the software applications and data that underpin the University's services. 


The University's administrative systems store data about the University's estate, finances, courses, research, students, and staff. Learn how this data can be made available to authorised users for analysis and reporting.

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Discover how we work together with project teams to improve how the University's IT systems link to each other and how data flows between them, so that the systems provide a joined up service to our students and staff.

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See how we can help University services use Relationship Management processes,  technology and reports to improve their interactions with potential students, research partners, industry, alumni, and others.

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EA initiatives and roadmap

This page is under construction.  We have plenty going on which we are keen to tell you about!

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Find out how members of staff and others can keep in touch with us, and work in partnership with us.

You can also join communities of practice for enterprise architects across the Higher Education sector.