Information Services

Adding a wireless access point

Information Services offer Schools, Departments and other units a purchase and installation scheme for our preferred Cisco wireless access points.

Cisco Aironet 2600 Series
The Cisco Aironet 2600 Series access points use 802.11n wireless technology. This is capable of providing higher bandwidth, has a slightly greater range and can support more clients than the previous generation of wireless access point. The charge for each access point is #535 + VAT plus the cost of any additional wiring.

NB: The cost of wireless access points is liable to change due to currency fluctuations.

To connect a wireless access point to the University WiFi network there must be UTP wiring from an EdLAN network switch to the proposed installation location of the wireless access point.

This may involve the upgrade of your local network equipment which will be costed separately.

There is an additional annual maintenance charge of £44 + VAT per annum for each wireless access point connected to the University WiFi network. This contributes to the cost of the IS WiFi network management infrastructure.

If you wish to take advantage of this scheme please create a new netjob to request the installation.