Information Services

Adding a wireless access point

The WiFi network is currently being replaced as part of the work undertaken by the Network Replacement Programme

Requesting/Adding WiFi Access Points (WAPs)
The previous process to allow schools or departments to purchase additional access points is no longer in operation. The Network Replacement Programme is tasked with replacing the existing WiFi network. 
This work is prioritising the replacement of the existing WAPs as the edge network (wired and wireless components) is replaced in each of the Universities buildings. If there are obvious gaps in Wifi service and there are high level network sockets available, then additional WAP's will be added at that time. Once the edge network has been replaced then a Post Install survey will be conducted to highlight any remaining gaps, these gaps will then be addressed by the addition or movement of WAP's.

If you have a requirement that you feel is not covered by the Network Replacement Programme then you can request an additional WAP by raising a NetJob request.