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Using the VPN service from China

NOTE: This service is terminating on 15/02/2022


VPN Access from China

Termination of Enhanced VPN Service from China

Following the opening of international borders and lifting of most travel restrictions, the university has opened its doors for in-person teaching again. As it is the university’s expectation that students return to campus for Semester 2, we have taken the decision to close the enhanced VPN service for students in China which was implemented at the start of the pandemic. The service terminated on 15th February 2022 at 15:00 (GMT), users should now use the standard VPN service:

After the 15th February if you try to connect to the VPN using the China-specific configuration then you will receive an error. We recommend that you delete the specific configurations from the FortiClient app to avoid any issues.


To remove an old or unused VPN connection follow these steps:

  1. Launch the FortiClient VPN  Console
  2. If you are connected to the VPN then you will need to disconnect temporarily
  3. Select the Connection Name that you want to delete from the VPN Name field
  4. Click on the menu icon(3 horizontal lines) to the right of the VPN Name field
  5. Click Delete the selected connection option
  6. When asked Do you really want to delete this connection? click Yes
  7. The connection is now deleted, you can repeat this step for any other connections you no longer need.




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