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Using the VPN service from China

Information to help you setup and connect to the University VPN Service from China.


VPN Access from China

To improve remote access to learning resources for students located in China the University is trialing a dedicated VPN connection. The configuration of this service is identical to the standard University VPN service but uses different settings for the Remote Gateway when configuring a connection depending on where you are located in China.

This configuration should only be used by students in China, students located elsewhere in the world should use the standard VPN setup otherwise the performance of their access may be seriously impacted. If you travel between China and other countries, including the UK, then you can configure multiple connections and use the one relevant to the country you are in at the time of connecting.

This service should only be used by students to access university teaching resources and disconnected from for general web browsing etc.

VPN access from China is provided using a network service from the Chinese technology company Alibaba.

We understand that there may be concerns around delivering our hybrid model of teaching to ares of the world where local sensitivities can conflict with certain teaching materials. Dr Jon Turner from the Institute for Academic Development has offered his thoughts on how these issues can be best approached in this blog post.

Registering for the VPN Service

You must first register to use the VPN Service, if you haven't already you can register here : VPN Registration

Configuring an SSL VPN Connection

SSL VPN access is setup through a downloaded client application. The client uses the same protocol that secure webpages use and therefore is less likely to be blocked by the firewalls of ISPs or to suffer from disconnections caused by poor network performance.

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