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Instructions for configuring the built-in VPN client on your Android device.

Configure the VPN connection​

The following steps are based on a device running Android One Version 10

  • From the Home screen go to "Settings", then under "Network & Internet" tap "Advanced".
Android One Network & Internet























  • Tap "VPN".























Network & Internet Settings

Tap "+" to add a new VPN connection.






















Android Edit VPN Profile

Enter the configuration  details for the VPN

  • For "Name" enter e.g. "VPN@Ed".
  • For "Type" select "L2TP/IPSec PSK".
  • For "Server address" enter: "".
  • For "IPSec preshared key" enter "Zt6337ZnVLhN".

All other settings should be left as the default values









  • Tap "Save" to apply the configuration. Your newly configured VPN should now be listed.








Android VPN Profile List

Connect to the VPN service

To connect to the newly configured VPN service, tap the entry in the list of VPNs.





















Android VPN Connect & Logon
  • For "Username" enter your UUN.
  • For "Password:" enter the password which you specified when you registered for the Wireless and VPN service.
  • Ensure "Save account information" is NOT checked.









  • Tap "Connect".












Android One - VPN Connecting
  • The entry in the VPN list should show as "Connecting..."











Android One - VPN Connected
  • The status will change to "Connected" when authentication is successful and a key icon should appear in the status bar.

Android On - VPN Disconnect

Disconnect from the VPN service

  • From the Home screen go to "Settings", then under "Wireless & Networks" tap "More...".
  • Tap "VPN".
  • Tap the connected entry in the list of VPNs.
  • Tap "Disconnect".