Information Services

Installing Applications

Using the application catalogue

application catalog

IS have introduced a new Application Store on supported Windows PCs called the ”Application Catalog”. This can be accessed through Start > All Programs > Application Catalog or by typing ”Application Catalog” in the start menu.

The Application Catalog shows all the applications available to install on your PC. Some of these are available for installation immediately; others have license restrictions which need to be checked before they can be installed.

Applications that are available for immediate install are shown by the ”Require Approval” field being ”No”. Clicking the ”Install” button will begin the installation process.

Where an application needs checking the ”Requires Approval” field will show ”Yes”. Clicking the ”Request” button will automatically email the license manager for approval. Before raising a request to install the software please check your entitlement to use the software with your computing support team.


Requesting approval

Select required software in the Application Catalog and press the REQUEST button.

Confirm the selection and fill in reason for the request then press SUBMIT.

In ‘Application Catalog’ under ‘My Application Requests’ there will be a new software request with the status ‘Requested’.

Once the request has been submitted a Unidesk call is automatically generated and sent to the person with authority to approve the software request. When the request has been approved or denied the user who initiated the request will receive an email confirming the decision.


If approved the software request should have the status changed to Approved in the Application Catalog under My Application Requests.

The software can then be installed from the Application Catalog tab by pressing the INSTALL button.

The software should then install in the background. Once successfully installed a confirmation box will appear and the application will be available from the All Programs folder on the Start Menu.