Information Services

SDX Feature Previews

Your PC has been migrated to a non-standard version of Windows 10.

What does this mean?

You either have a preview or an unsupported version of Windows. Feature testing of this helps with the supported Windows 10 desktop (SDX).

Why me?

On a lab PC

This machine has been randomly selected from a pool that does not participate in exams or teaching.

On a staff PC

Your machine has been upgraded by your IT rep because you are seen as:

  • an expert user of a critical business application
  • a tech-savvy, early adopter of a newer version of Windows
  • performing work representative of your department.

Can I revert to the old version and not be upgraded?

Sorry, no. Windows is an “as-a-service” model. Microsoft updates and releases it worldwide at 6-month intervals.

All Uni PCs will be upgraded in due course. Please use this as a chance to highlight any issues specific to you or your work.

What if I find something that does not work?

SDX DesktopConfig

Please take note of the following, listed at the bottom-right of the desktop (see examples):

  1. The OS version (e.g. '1903 SDX Feature Previews' or '1809 Unsupported release')
  2. The 'Computer' name

Describe your issue in detail and provide this info to the IS Helpline:

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