Information Services

Student software list

Software available for Students to purchase or use at the university.

Software How to get it How long is it mine? where can I use it?
Adobe products
Indicates external purchase
Order from adobe education store
Creative Cloud are annual subscriptions. see adobe terms and conditions
Antivirus for Mac (Sophos)
download option
Download from company site
Perpetual university and home use
Antivirus for PCs (Microsoft Security Essentials)
download option
Download from microsoft site
Perpetual University and home use
Apple products
indicates external purchase
Buy from apple education or app store
Perpetual licenses see apple terms and conditions
buy through epay

Buy using university epay site.

ePay order

Download icon

Students in subscribing schools contact software services for access.

Pro-rata to July 2020. Only in the UK or Ireland.
download image

Personal download available

Download request form (secured)

Personal copies ordered externally

external store

Site license subscription

perpetual licenses

see resellers web site for details
download option

web form supplies code and download link

Codes request form (secured)

While you're a student At home or on a personal laptop.
Microsoft Products
download option

Download office from office65.


Other microsoft software for staff and students in STEM schools from Azure Dev Tools for Education

While you're a student.

Imagine subscriptions renew with our agreement.

Home use, depends on deal
download option

Web form supplies activation codes and download link. 

take home download form (secured)

Indicates external purchase

Also includes discount code for purchase personal copies from company.

Take home (download) license delete when leave UoE. Personal licenses are perpetual. At university and at home.
download option

Home use for students in subscribing schools. Web form for download and license file.

license request form (secured)

pay shopping basket

Order via ePay outwith subscribing schools

Annual licenses, new license file required each year in July.  Home use
download option

Web form supplies codes and download link

Codes request form (secured)

A year, it's an annual codes. Use the form Home use. UK and Ireland only. Purchase from QSR company for more than 3 months use elsewhere.

Students in subscribing schools can contact their local IT support for copies.

download option

Other students can get the free cut down university edition from SAS.

A year, it's an annual license In UK and Ireland. Up to 3 months a year elsewhere, please check.
pay shopping basket
Order via ePay
A year, annual code renewal Home computer or laptop. UK only
download option

Web forms supply codes and download link for SPSS 24 and SPSS 25.

Student SPSS 25 form (secured)

Student SPSS 24 form (secured)

A year, it's an annual code, expires in september.  Home use, see licensing conditions