Information Services

Software Wishes

Requests for new software deals can either be made by email to Software Services at or via the Software Interest wiki.

Site licenses and bulk deals often depend on enough interest from across the University, please be aware that these can take some time to organise and some deals will require commitment for annual payments over a number of years. Schools and departments also take out licenses which we may not be aware of, so ask your school first in case they already have a license.

Software Interest wiki can be used to request software deals but be aware that software services facilitate site licenses but have no funds as such.

Please note: Remember to check the Software Services database to see if the software is available (secured) as well for any general information on the software, as well as the software interest wiki to see the current status of any request.

MSI / Software Packaging Service

A software application repackaging service for University managed desktop machines (both Windows and Mac) is available. Details of current and future packaging can be found on the Desktop Services wiki. You can check their application catalog to see what's been packaged and what's available on the windows managed desktop.

Requests for applications to be packaged for the managed desktop can be made using the following Application Packaging Request Form