Information Services

How to place an order through IS

Schools & departments can place orders for software directly with Software Services via EIT. However some software is ordered using SCIQUEST or Purchase Orders direct to external resellers

Check the deals

Some software is not ordered via Software services but direct from the company or nominated reseller, even though we might arrange the deal. Please check our software deals page for how to order your software to take advantage of our deals. If you can't see the software you're looking for check our software database (requires edlan connection) to see what software is available.

Electronic Internal Transfer System (eITs)

EITs is the university's online internal payment transfer system. It is designed to allow departments/units to transfer funds internally for goods and services. You can find the Software Services  team under Information Services, IT Infrastructure, Software Services. If you want to know more about the eIT system, look at the Finance department's details on eIT system and how to use it 


SCIQUEST are the Procurement department's online ordering system arranged with a number suppliers and product groups. Find out more about SCIQUEST, including registration and loginOnce registered for the system, users can access PECOS via an EASE login service. Orders can be raised, approved and sent to the supplier directly.